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40 Reasons to Visit Kuredu (40 Times)

40 Reasons to Visit Kuredu (40 Times)

23 Mar 2017
Laurie and Terri Kuredu Maldives

We will cut to the chase: if you are flirting with the idea of spending a holiday in the Maldives, there is no need to look any further than Kuredu. The country’s second largest resort offers a vibrant mix of everything that one expects to find at such a renowned holiday destination. The number of reasons to visit is as plentiful as the fish in the sea around the island, but for convenience, let’s narrow it down to forty:

1. Seven types of accommodation
2. Three meal plan options
3. Four buffet restaurants
4. Three a la carte restaurants
5. A walk-in cellar with over 1,100 bottles of premium wine; resident Sommelier
6. Eight bars
7. Award-winning dive center – Prodivers Maldives
8. Award-winning spa – Duniye Spa
9. Watersports Center
10. An extensive excursions programme
11. The Maldives’ first golf course with a resident Golf Pro
12. FIFA-approved football course
13. Free Wi-Fi in all rooms and certain public areas
14. Exchange of vows ceremonies
15. Private dining on the beach
16. White night parties every Friday
17. Over fifty dive and snorkel sites to explore
18. Regular dolphin encounters
19. Regular manta ray sightings
20. Action-packed diving with reef sharks, close up encounters with sea turtles

21. Full day sailing trips to experience the Maldives is a nutshell
22. Professional photography services to capture your Kuredu moments
23. Picturesque sandbank
24. State-of-the-art gym
25. Reachable by a short, 40-minute seaplane flight from Male’
26. Regular special offers to make your holiday more affordable
27. Access to the world’s largest all-glass undersea restaurant at the neighbouring Hurawalhi Island Resort
28. Multilingual team
29. Genuine friendliness and hospitality of team members
30. Eco-consicousness: in-house water bottling plant, solar panels, ocean conservation
31. Rich evening entertainment programme
32. 5000+ ‘excellent’ reviews on TripAdvisor
33. Long stretches of white coral sand that never get crowded and a stunning lagoon
34. Two sections of the resorts cater for adults or adults with older children only (Sangu: 18+; O Resort: 12+)
35. Own greenhouse and flower nursery
36. Spotlessly clean, thanks to sweeper ladies and beach cleaners
37. Three webcams to help you get through your work days
38. Balmy air and water temperatures year round
39. 800+ team members living and breathing with the resort
40. In real life, it’s even better than in the videos.

It appears that Kuredu’s charm, ever-improving services – and all of the reasons listed above – make it a place to which many people are drawn not once, but several times – and by several we mean even forty (4-0) times! On Wednesday, 22nd March 2017, Kuredu welcomed the resort’s highest-repeater guests Laurie and Terri Miller to their home from home. We treat everyone like royalty, but since this is Laurie and Terri’s fortieth visit, we thought it was only fitting to perk up their arrival ceremony (just a little bit) and invite everyone who knows them to greet them with a big ‘Welcome home!’.