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Say ‘Bon Appétit’ Under the Sea During your Holiday at Kuredu

Say ‘Bon Appétit’ Under the Sea During your Holiday at Kuredu

28 Apr 2017
Undersea Restaurant Hurawalhi Maldives

Being near, in, on or under water makes most people happier, healthier and better at what they do. Staring off into aquatic hues and daydreaming is sometimes all it takes to find a sense of calm and clarity. Add to the positive benefits gastronomic pampering that gets your taste buds dancing and the result is an unforgettable experience that you can treat yourself to during your holiday at Kuredu – at the next-door 5.8, the world’s largest undersea restaurant.

5.8 Undersea Restaurant is based at Hurawalhi Island Resort, Kuredu’s neighbouring island and sister property, and invites you to send your senses soaring; thanks to its extraordinary design and fine dining menus alike, a meal at 5.8 has already become a must for our guests’ special celebrations or ‘just because’ dining (because when in Rome…).

Hurawalhi’s undersea restaurant opens for lunch (one sitting) and dinner (two sittings). Despite 5.8 being a highly popular venue, you can secure your spot by booking about a month in advance. To see the restaurant in both daylight and in its sunset charm, when coral reef residents assume their nighttime roles and early-evening rush hour starts in front of your very eyes, we recommend to book the first dinner sitting.

5.8 meters below the sea is where you should be!