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An Active and Indulgent Holiday!

An Active and Indulgent Holiday!

24 Aug 2018
Canoe Kuredu Maldives

Your holiday in the Maldives should be the best holiday of your life and you should spend it doing exactly what you like. If you want your days at Kuredu to consist mostly of lounging by the pool, the odd house reef snorkelling and a nice beach dinner in between – fantastic! However, if you’re the type of person who likes to make sure their days are filled with all the top things to do, you’re at the right resort too. If you fancy a little bit of adrenaline, exploration, spa pampering and recreation alongside your ‘Do not disturb, I’m resting’ moments, keep on reading…

Kuredu is a paradise island that adventurous solo travellers, couples, friends and families will love. Here, some suggestions for a mix of activities for you to strike a balance between lazying on the beach and having an eventful time.

Beach Shack. The latest addition to Kuredu’s dining scene is a real hit with seafood and plant-based dishes and an eclectic menu of healthy drinks.

Swim with turtles. Both the resort’s lagoon and Kuredu Caves offer an excellent chance for you to swim alongside sea turtles.

Spa treatments. Carve out time for a spa treatment of two. Look here if you want to know which three signature treatments are guests love the most.

Play golf. Learn the ABCs of golf or perfect your game at Kuredu’s 6-hole course, driving range and pitch and put. Dress code: barefoot tropical casual!

Crawl Kuredu’s bars to find your favourite sundowner. You can find an overview of what’s available where here.

Go canoeing. Paddle across the lagoon in front of the water sports center and enjoy the freedom, the colours, sights of Kuredu and great company of your canoeing companion!

Dine underwater. Yes, it’s a thing! Kuredu’s sister resort, Hurawalhi, prides itself on the world’s largest all-glass restaurant and as a Kuredu guest you’re welcome to experience it. Details can be found here.

Party at Babuna Bar. Kuredu reportedly has the best parties in the Maldives. A tip: bring white attire to blend in with the Friday night partygoers!

Play paddle tennis. A laid-back cousin of tennis and squash, paddle tennis makes for a good recreation for all ages and abilities.

Wine tasting. The wine cellar at Sangu Restaurant is the kind of a wine cellar you will wish you had at home. A whopping 1,100 bottles! And some of the magnificent wines are included in the wine tasting sessions. You can sign up at Franco’s.

Regardless of whether you’re staying in Kuredu’s main area where there is fun to be head just a stone’s throw away or in Sangu or O’Resort parts of the island, you can craft your island experience as it suits you best.