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7 Tips to Beat Jet Lag

7 Tips to Beat Jet Lag

16 Sep 2016

There is an ocean of must-do activities at Kuredu — and one thing that you should avoid at all costs: struggling with your body clock for too long. When zipping time zones, your circadian rhythm will be thrown off, however with a few simple tricks you can say ‘goodbye’ to sluggishness and crankiness and ‘hello’ to the ungrumpy, rested and raring to go version of yourself. Here’s how to beat jet lag and get your holiday at Kuredu off to a great start:

Start out well-rested

Make sure you get a good night’s sleep before you set out on your trip. It might be a serious test of will, but refrain from checking the webcam when it’s bed time. Try to catch some zzzs and don’t let your pre-Kuredu travel fever hurt your chances of living it up once you actually arrive.

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Reset your watch as soon as you take off

Some of the jet lag is psychological, so many of the frequent fliers claim that seeing the destination time throughout the flight makes it easier for them to adjust. Try catching shut-eye, but do it wisely! In case you didn’t know: for daylight saving purposes, Kuredu observes island time, which is 1 hour ahead of Male’ time.

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Water, please!

Avoid alcohol and caffeine during your flight and drink plenty of water instead. Unless you’re flying first class on the Airbus A380, remember that in the case of Kuredu, it’s more about the destination as it is about the journey (the seaplane journey is pretty epic though!) stick to rehydrating beverages, moisturize, use an eye mask and a pillow to help you doze off and you’ll step off the plane in Male’ feeling and looking your best.

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Exercise during your flight

Practicing aisle yoga mid air might result in turning heads, but do move around regularly to stop your legs from clotting. Rotate your feet, keep your heels on the floor and point your toes up and vice versa, clasp both hands around your knee and lift it to your chest – by working out a little bit you can avoid becoming super-stiff and ward off thrombosis.


First hours in paradise

If you arrive early in the day, refrain from nodding off in your villa, and make sure each cocktail is accompanied by a glass of water. Get plenty of sunlight, maybe join a game of beach volleyball, take a kayak or SUP out for a spin to use that last bits of energy to ensure your first night sleep is a restful one. The trick is to synch your body with your brain, so crawl under the covers only when ‘Kuredu time’ tells you to.


Rise and shine!

Of the 1440 minutes in your day, the 75 spent for the Sense of Touch treatment at Duniye Spa are your safe bet for bidding farewell to your jet lag. Sense of Touch is a combination of massage techniques for a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating experience; ginger and lemongrass herbal poultices are used to evoke a warm, nutrient-rich relaxation. A visit to Duniye Spa will surely unwind and relax the body, as well as ease the mind, and help you make the most of the Kuredu Experience. Duniye Spa gift vouchers can even be pre-booked through Kuredu Gifts, allowing you to plan your holiday essentials or give the gift of a ‘bye-bye, puffy eyes’ treatment to someone you know.