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Kuredu’s Renowned Biscuit Pudding

Kuredu’s Renowned Biscuit Pudding

17 May 2015
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There is no love sincerer than the love of food – George Bernhard Shaw


Out of all the recipes requested, the Kuredu Biscuit Pudding is by far the most frequently asked for, closely followed by one of our wonderful curries, namely the pumpkin or beetroot.

The logistics of ordering and having food delivered to the second largest resort in the Maldives is seamlessly handled by our purchasing and launch section departments. Deliveries, consisting of 15000 kg of goods each, arrives twice per week. This will consist of all the necessary ingredients to keep our fantastic buffets varied and well stocked.

The pastry kitchen alone will consume 1800kg of pineapple per week. Not to forget the 370kg of chocolate that motivates many an expanding waistline of the Kuredu visitor. For the bread lovers, the bakers work their way through 2100kg of flour per week, producing delicious artisan loaves and bread rolls, as well as the sumptuous breakfast pastries, displayed each morning.

One item that we are fortunate to have supplied, freshly caught and delivered to the island, is the 500kg of fresh fish, used daily. Stored in an iced salt water brine for no more than 48 hours ensures we serve nothing but the freshest and best quality fish. The Maldives, being made up from 1190 islands, dictates that a large percentage of our goods are imported from overseas. This means we can purchase best quality, seasonally available, tropical fruit from various locations in Asia. For those of you pining for just one more taste of the famous biscuit pud, we will keep a slice waiting for your next visit!

Culinary regards,
Owen Ealden