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Kuredu Celebrities: Ahmed Naseem

Kuredu Celebrities: Ahmed Naseem

31 Oct 2018

A master photographer, Ahmed Naseem, Area Assistant Manager for PIX Maldives is this month’s Kuredu celebrity. The PIX Maldives team offer guests a chance to capture their incredible holidays at the resort with personalised photo shoots. These fantastic photos often not only capture the joy of couples together but also the natural beauty of this stunning country.

Naseem has always had an interest in art and design and was practicing with computer photo software before he even got his first camera. It was only when he started looking to buy his first camera he realised how much more to photography there was than just adding the final tweaks with a computer so he decided to learn as much as he could online about the art of photography and to master the camera.

Today Naseem captures the full beauty of Kuredu with his amazing pictures, often providing incredible souvenirs for couples and families visiting the resort.

For the best photos, he says;

“If you’re looking for a typical Maldives looking contrasting picture I would say 09:00 – 11:00 in the morning.
And if you’re looking for a nice sunset picture, wait for 10 – 15 minutes after the sun dips to get the sky to lighten up with a golden colour. …[the] Sandbank is the most romantic and photogenic part of the island. You get everything in there. Palm trees, beaches, water villa, hammocks, and amazing sunsets.”

When not behind the camera, Naseem is a keen sportsman, and a lover of football, which saw him help organise the 2017 anniversary cup. He also enjoys going beneath the waves in his spare time and snorkelling with the Maldives’ incredible marine life.

If you want a unique souvenir of your stay on Kuredu to make sure you visit the PIX Maldives team when you’re next on the island, and arrange a photo shoot with Naseem and his colleagues.