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Christmas Preparations at Kuredu

Christmas Preparations at Kuredu

08 Dec 2016
Christmas at Kuredu Maldives

We know, it’s only the start of December, but having seen Resident Manager Rainer visiting the kitchen more often than normal over the past couple of weeks, we realised that Chef Paul and his team have been busy getting the Christmas delights prepared for this year’s festive period.

Specifically, the kitchens have been busy preparing the renowned Christmas Cake that Kuredu has become famous for across the Maldives. A delicious combination of nuts, dried fruit, warm wintery spices and that all important ingredient of brandy! The preparations for the mixture have been ongoing for almost 2 months.

Over the course of the coming weeks, Chef Paul and his team will continue to top up the mixture to ensure its moisture and texture come Christmas.

Chef Paul has been generous enough to share the following recipe to allow those wanting to try their bake off technique: