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We cleaned up Kuredu!

We cleaned up Kuredu!

21 Sep 2015

Thank you for participating in Kuredu’s Clean Up the World 2015 event!

This year’s theme was ‘Our Place. Our Planet. Our Responsibility.’ and we are pleased and grateful that so many of you attended Sunday’s event. 60 guests participated in our beach clean up, another 30 removed debris from the house reef, along with 70 team members who also took part, all proving that individuals’ actions can make a difference.

The idea of Clean Up the World originated from an Australian yachtsman Ian Kiernan after he completed a Solo Yacht Challenge in 1987. While sailing around the world, Ian witnessed the global impact of pollution and rubbish in the oceans. In 1990, he ran the first national, community based clean up day that is now part of the Australian calendar. Clean Up Australia Day was so successful that he decided to share this vision with the global community. So in 1993, Clean Up the World was launched, initially mobilizing 30 million people in 80 countries, with the support of the United Nations Environment Programme.

Kuredu and Prodivers joined this annual campaign very early on and this is now the 21st year, which we have participated which is quite impressive! Currently, Clean Up the World engages an estimated 35 million volunteers in 130 countries each year, making it one of the largest community based environmental campaigns in the world, and Kuredu is proud to contribute its part in giving back to the environment, day after day, year after year!