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Clean Up the World 2023

Clean Up the World 2023

18 Sep 2023

Clean Up the World takes place annually during the third weekend of September, it was established in 1993 and is one of the largest community-based environmental programs in the world with more than 130 countries taking part. The shared vision is to inspire the citizens of planet Earth to tread lightly, clean up and conserve the planet with a global effort to combat waste and plastic pollution.

Our team at Prodivers joined forces with our guests and cleaned up debris from around the lagoon and on the uninhabited Express island. Together we collected bags of rubbish, consisting mainly of plastic bottles, fishing lines and small bits and pieces. Debris drifts around our oceans with the currents and it’s thanks to the continuing dedication of our team that guests can enjoy a picture-postcard holiday experience every time they visit. Clean up is for the whole year, not just on this special day which serves to promote the cause.

Thank you to the whole team, it just goes to show that individual actions really do make a big difference. We look forward to being able share our beautiful island with you soon.

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