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Thank You for Taking Part in Kuredu’s Coral Reef Clinic!

Thank You for Taking Part in Kuredu’s Coral Reef Clinic!

09 Jun 2015
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As you may have read in our recent blog, dedicated to World Environment Day, we got together yet another time to give the reefs around Kuredu a helping hand by placing another five coral trays in the lagoon area.

With combined effort by the resort and Prodivers teams, the coral reef regeneration project was launched about six months ago. We are glad we have piqued curiosity of many guests along the way, allowing us to raise awareness about the importance of preserving coral reef ecosystems, and hopefully to have planted some seeds for further coral growth.

On Friday, our guests had the chance to find out all the A’s to their Q’s regarding coral reefs, coral growth and the challenges the Maldives’ reefs are facing.

What’s more, our dive and snorkel teams gave the participants an opportunity for hands-on learning, as they helped transplant coral to specially designed coral trays and put these to areas where the global environment threats have taken their toll.

Coral reefs, these amazing underwater metropolises, are what put the Maldives on the world travel map in the first place and what still makes the resorts in the Maldives a highly desirable holiday destination.

With such a big variety of marine life in our backyard, these reefs are our trump card that we hope to be able to use for generations to come!

Interested in how many turtles reside in Kuredu’s house reef/lagoon area, how many reef fish species have been identified in the Maldives, and who is to thank for the island and its white sand beaches? Find ‘The Ocean’ infographic here!