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Coral Reef Gardening on Kuredu to Mark World Environment Day

Coral Reef Gardening on Kuredu to Mark World Environment Day

05 Jun 2015
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June 5th marks World Environment Day – a day for people from all walks of life to come together and take action for a cleaner, brighter and healthier outlook for ourselves and future generations.

With a proven track record of positive environmental actions in the Maldives, such as our Solar Project, the water bottling plant, switching the lights off for Earth Hour and countless beach cleanups to name just a few, Kuredu Resort & Spa is surely setting an example that we hope many more will follow.

What makes the Maldives so unique and visit-worthy are its amazing coral reefs. Their fascinating beauty is beyond belief and opens a whole new horizon to everyone fortunate to see them first-hand.

But what we often forget is that these same reefs are an important food source, they act as natural barriers against the monsoons and events like tsunamis, they provide economic benefits to the local communities and many of their compounds are used in medicine.  These amazing feats of mother nature are, like with the rest of the world, under pressure from environmental changes such as periodic water temperature rises.



Kuredu is doing its best to help preserve its reefs and has decided to give them a helping hand by transplanting coral to areas that need some support. 10 special coral trays have already been planted in the lagoon with the view that we will plant one tray each month for the next year in honor of World Environment Day.

Time will tell whether the reef rehabilitation project is successful, however the dive center team are closely monitoring the development and we are all keeping our fingers crossed that our efforts to restore some parts of the damaged reef will reap great rewards.

On Friday, 5th June, you are welcome to join us as we plant 5 more coral trays just off Kuredu. Poke any of the Prodivers team for more info on how you can participate and support the gardening project.