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Department of the Month: Golf

Department of the Month: Golf

24 Mar 2016
Golf Kuredu Maldives

Picture this… You are in the middle of the Indian Ocean. You decide to start your morning after breakfast with a relaxing game of golf. As you step onto the first tee you feel a sense of pleasure as you absorb the tropical Maldivian heat. More so because you remember how different the temperature was the day you embarked on your journey to Kuredu.

The first decision that the team at Kuredu’s Golf Club, which is the Department of the Month, will ask you to make before you Tee off is… with shoes or without? As we are one of few golf courses in the world you can play barefoot, the Pro will always encourage you to play without.

Our tricky little 6-hole golf course is a tough test for a golfer of any standard. It is designed to sharpen your short game by the time you leave should you wish to work on it during you stay.

For those of you who have played the course before, you will agree the greens will be a similar speed to Augusta. With The Masters coming up at the start of April, you might watch some of the world’s top players tackle the tricky tight lies around the Augusta greens. They can make the Pros look foolish at times.

Our PGA Professional Jody is on hand should you wish to learn a new technique around the green. Anything from the exciting Mickelson flop shot to the more reliable bump and run, Jody will be sure to improve anyone’s short game at Kuredu’s Golf Club before they leave, and help everyone have some barefoot fun playing golf in the Maldives.