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Department Insight: Housekeeping

Department Insight: Housekeeping

23 Feb 2016
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Kuredu is a place for everything – and a place where everything is in its place. Thanks to the Housekeeping Team, this month’s featured department, your villas are polished to perfection and your comfort is a given.

But do you know how big the Resort’s Housekeeping Department actually is? The Laundry is run by 21 Team Members, there are 5 Tailors, 60 Room Attendants, 8 public area and 1 spa attendant, plus the Department’s Supervisors, the Assistant Executive Housekeeper and the Executive Housekeeper. Apropos Executive Housekeeper: his name is Abjee, he’s been with us at the Resort for 23 years, and he also goes by the nickname Abjee Armani (read more about it here).

In fact, more than half of the Team Members have been working at the Resort over 6 years. Abjee encourages his Team day after day to deliver an impeccable service, and manages the Department so that they not only perform well, but exceed guests’ expectations. You do know about their fantastic bed decorations, don’t you?) What’s more, the Department is trying hard to be as eco-friendly as possible and make nature-conscious decisions in every step of the operation. One good example of how the Housekeeping Team are thinking green is using the power of one of our beloved sources of pleasure – the Maldivian sun – to dry the linen. You’d be surprised at how many kilograms of linen need drying every day!

All in all, the Housekeeping Department are noteworthy and valuable Team Members whose hard work and dedication we highly appreciate, and we are sure you will agree that they take care of your every need long before you ask for it.