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Department of the Month: Security

Department of the Month: Security

26 Apr 2016
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Alongside the fact that Kuredu is a paradise-like island, it is also a small tiny little town in which we all need to work together to make sure it also a safe place. The Resort’s Security Department, which also has trained firefighters, rescue swimmers and emergency first responders in their ranks, is on site to help ensure that everyone at Kuredu is as safe as they would be at home.

Besides assuring a safe and secure environment, the Security Team also help out when it comes to day-to-day inconveniences, such as guests misplacing room keys or personal valuables. The Team are even equipped with a metal detector, so if you see us combing the beach, we are probably searching for a lost wedding ring.

With a vast ocean surrounding Kuredu, one of the main areas of responsibility of the Security Department is keeping a close watch on the house reef and the lagoon, which are the two designated snorkelling sites. To prevent accidents from happening, the Security Officers, as well as the whole Resort Team, strongly advise all guests to get information about where to and where not to swim and snorkel before heading out for the first time. Wearing fins, a life jacket for reassurance, and snorkelling together with another person are a couple of recommendations that will help you have a happy and safe stay on the island.

Through continuing training, refresher courses and educating the rest of the Team about the importance of security-minded customer service, the Security Department plays a crucial role in making Kuredu as enjoyable as possible.