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From seawater to fresh water: Kuredu’s desalination plant

From seawater to fresh water: Kuredu’s desalination plant

24 Nov 2014
Kuredu Resort and Spa, Maldives

With more than 99% of the Maldives consisting of seawater (yes, you will see all shades of the Indian Ocean blue at Kuredu Resort & Spa!), it is ironic that fresh water, on the other hand, is not a natural resource that can be taken for granted.

Back in the old days, and to some extent still today, the Maldivians would gather rainwater from the roof tops of their houses and store it for drinking. Regardless of the big amounts of salt water that the islands are surrounded by, most communities didn’t have the means of turning it into drinkable water – until roughly 30 years ago.

Kuredu has been keeping in step with tech and is proud to have its own desalination plant. Using reverse osmosis, a water purification technology, we can produce fresh water from seawater. The equipment is top of the line, producing an impressive 600,000 liters of fresh water every day.

It’s with great pleasure to see that many of you find interest in being shown snippets of behind the scenes of the resort, and especially rewarding to notice how many of you get a new perspective of a Maldives’ resort after the back of the house tour. In a paradise setting, which Kuredu most certainly is, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer beauty, forgetting that many of the comforts, taken for granted at home, are not ubiquitous everywhere in the world. Some require a lot of effort and those places that are lucky to have the means of providing you the top of the top natural setting (think an island in the middle of the Indian Ocean!) without compromising your comfort, are for sure worth visiting.

And yes, we are implying you should! Rarely anyone leaves less than dazzled (see the most recent reviews here). There must be something in the water that makes you love us like you do!

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