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Dress Code: Tropical Casual

Dress Code: Tropical Casual

10 Nov 2015
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You have booked your holiday at Kuredu Resort & Spa, Maldives, your countdown app is up and running, and the webcam is your daily morning coffee companion. But there is still something that you are not quite sure about: what will you wear?

To help you breeze through the packing so you have more time to put together your Kuredu activities wish list, here is a handy rundown of how to dress while at the Resort.

As an unpretentious, laid-back Resort, Kuredu upholds a ‘tropical casual’ dress code:


The average air temperature in the Maldives is around 30 degrees Celsius, so we suggest lightweight, loose-fitting clothes. You will most likely spend a good portion of your time at the Resort outside, so the ladies will want to pack a few swimsuits, summer dresses and tops. A sarong or some sort of a cover-up is a great idea, too, for when you are walking around the Resort, go to the bar or for meals. Men mostly wear shorts and light T-shirts or shirts. For your convenience and that of other guests, wet bathing suits and going to the Restaurants and Bars topless is considered inappropriate.

Keep in mind the Equatorial sun is harsh. A suitable protection, such as the popular UV-protection shirts (available in our retails outlets), sun hats/caps, and plenty of sunblock are a must at Kuredu, especially when giving watersports a try, on board our excursion, diving and snorkelling boats, or when lazying by the pool.

Shoes? Naah! Try to follow the unofficial ‘no shoes, no news’ motto as much as possible and enjoy the feeling of sinking your toes in the velvety white sand. Bonthi, Koamas and Sangu Restaurants have sandy flooring as well, however at the ‘O’ Restaurant, as well as at some Bars, you will find it more comfortable to wear a pair of flip flops or flat sandals. The wooden decks get hot during the day, and the same goes for the beach and the pathways around the island. High heels, though, are a no-go.

Let us also remind you that topless sunbathing is prohibited at the Resort, and ask you to show your respect to the local culture by covering up when joining excursions to a local islands.

Evening Wear

Evenings are warm, too, so there is no need for long trousers. It rarely gets so chilly that you would need to wear a jumper, however if there is a breeze, a light long sleeve for men, and a light shawl for the women should do. Men often wear tailored shorts or lightweight pants with T-shirts or short-sleeved, button-down shirts. Women can also be seen wearing tailored shorts and T-shirts or nicer tops.

There is no need to be dressed to the nines at any of the resort’s venues, but as every holiday at Kuredu is somehow special, you are welcome to show off that nice dress/shirt you bought for the occasion and enjoy your time on the island in a chic island style, especially at the fine dining restaurants. Don’t forget to pack something white to wear on Friday night!

We hope the ‘tropical casual’ style will work for you and allow you to feel comfortable and relaxed at your tropical home away from home.