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Switching Off the Lights for Earth Hour!

Switching Off the Lights for Earth Hour!

17 Mar 2016
Earth Hour Kuredu Maldives

On Saturday, 19th March, Earth Hour will sweep across the globe, with the world uniting again to shine a light on climate change. Traditionally, Kuredu will celebrate the event by switching off the non-essential lights and by organizing candlelit dinners for its guests.

The main dining venue will be in front of The Far East and The Beach restaurants (for guests allocated to Bonthi and Koamas), while Sangu and ‘O’ will have their own romantic dining setting on the restaurant decks. At all three venues, dinner will be from 19:00 to 22:00pm, with photo opportunity at 18:45pm.

To show our commitment to a better future for our planet, please celebrate with us this important cause; not only is an hour without lights a negligible trade-off in comfort – we are certain you will have a magical, candle- and starlit evening that will have you appreciate the small things in life. Treat yourself to a bottle of heavenly wine from the Sangu cellar to make the occasion even more special.

It is true that much, much more than an hour is needed to save our environment, but any step, even the smallest, to reduce the human footprint counts. If sustainable, eco-friendly tourism is important to you when choosing your holiday destination, you may be interested in other projects and deeds, related to Kuredu’s endeavours to give back to nature:

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