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Greening the spin cycle: Kuredu’s eco-friendy laundry solution

Greening the spin cycle: Kuredu’s eco-friendy laundry solution

10 Nov 2014
Kuredu Maldives Resort

Do you ever feel you are never really in control of your laundry?

While we can’t give you any new tips on how to magically breeze through your least favourite chore, we’d like to give you yet another insight into the back of the house of Kuredu Resort & Spa. This time our housekeeping department is revealing how they are making sure your bed linen is cozy to give you a good night’s sleep in your villa by using the power of one of your beloved sources of pleasure – the Maldivian sun.

With 383 rooms, Kuredu is the second biggest hotel operation in the Maldives, washing roughly 2500 kilograms of linen per day. The laundry is one of the main power consumption areas in the resort operation, as big commercial washing machines and electrical dryers need to be used to meet the huge demand.

That said, to reduce the negative impact on the environment, we try to use line-drying as often as possible.

The linen is hung up under a roof, which block the UV radiation and reduces fiber damage and bleaching. By doing this, we are able to dry 35% of the linen by letting nature’s clothes dryer, the sun, do the work for us.

Although we can’t completely skip the dryer, every time we do, we’re glad we’re doing something good for the environment – without compromising your comfort.

You can support our green endeavors (we even have our own water bottling plant!) by minimizing your laundry pile while at the resort and let everyone reading TripAdvisor know that at Kuredu Resort & Spa, even the bedding comes with a breezy summer fragrance to it.

Sunny regards from Abdulla Abjee, Executive Housekeeper

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