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Lying close to the Equator, the Maldives receives plenty of sun throughout the year, with the average air temperature being close to 30 degrees, and water temperature constant at around 28 degrees.

The weather on Kuredu is influenced by the two monsoon that dictate the weather patterns in the Maldives.

During the summer months there is a chance of stronger winds and showers, as the south-west monsoon brings winds rich with moist across the Himalayas and brings less settled weather to the Maldives.

The north-east monsoon that normally runs from November through April when the Indian ocean still holds its heat. The jet stream in the region splits and produces clear skies, and as a consequence the Maldives experiences its best weather of the year from March to May.

Located in the Indian ocean, weather conditions can change very quickly in the Maldives. However, the tropical climate results in relatively minor variations in daily temperature and a great deal of sunshine all year round.

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