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Getting to Kuredu

Island Essentials / Getting To Kuredu

Soaring through the skies towards Kuredu is a sensation of its own and leaves you in a pleasant state of suspense. Once on board your Trans Maldivian Airways flight you will come to understand why this island nation makes a lasting impression, and how easily accessible our island hideaway is from anywhere in the world.

Thanks to Trans Maldivian Airways, one of the last unspoilt archipelagos on the planet has become attainable. With its own terminal at Male International Airport and a fleet of 55 De Havilland twin-otters, it has become the safest, fastest and most convenient means of transport in this island nation.

To provide our guests an even more comfortable start of the holiday, Kuredu has a dedicated lounge at the TMA terminal.

Pre-flight checklist

Travel light

When travelling to the Maldives, wear layers or pack some light clothes to change into at the airport. For the comfort of all passengers, bring only the necessary items on board the plane.

Packing essentials

We try to do our best to bring you to the island together with your luggage, however on busy arrival days your luggage may arrive with a later seaplane. Make sure you take your prescribed medicine, travel documents and some light clothes to change into, with you on board the Trans Maldivian Airways seaplane.

Get your cameras ready!

You are about to experience one of the world’s most scenic flights. Make sure your camera is charged and handy. Fasten your seat belts and admire the views of the spectacular place you’ve chosen for your holiday!