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Share with the Facebook Group

Share with the Facebook Group

27 Oct 2015
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What is the one thing that everyone who comes to Kuredu has in common?

There are so many different ways to spend your holiday here with us. Some people tend to become almost sloth-like and move as little muscles as possible during their vacation. Some people can’t sleep until they have explored every bit of land on the island. Some people want to join all the excursions or pick up a new skill, such as diving, golf or windsurfing. And some just want a nice blend of all above.

From what we can tell, the one thing that everyone feels compelled to do is to take photos. Whether you keep them so you can look back and reminisce, or use them to show off to that one colleague who tops you in everything (except picking holiday destination, ha!), we’d like you to share them with us!

We love seeing what you can produce and love hearing what your images mean to you. So for those of you who aren’t already spreading the joy, we would be delighted if you joined our Facebook Group and shared with us a little memory that you keep close to heart. Don’t forget to ‘like’ our Facebook Page, too, so you are the first to receive updates from all our latest news.