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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

04 May 2020
Kuredu Resort Maldives

Have questions about Kuredu Resort Maldives? We have compiled some of the frequently asked questions to help you out.

You ask, we answer!

Q. Do you have email and internet facilities available to the guests?
A. Yes, all our guest accommodations have complimentary WiFi internet with a maximum of 500MB per day and user. Login details will be briefed at the time of check in by our Island Hosts. In addition, we also have complimentary WiFi access at the Golf Bar.

Q. Please advise us in the method of payment?
A. Your main bill could be paid by cash or credit card. We accept all major currencies like United States Dollars, British Pound Sterling and Euros. However, we do not accept Maldivian Rufiyaa. We accept Master Card, Visa Card and American Express Card. Please let your issuing bank know you are travelling to Maldives and hence to expect charges from here. No payments are expected in any shops and outlets at the resort – you will sign a bill for every purchase which will then be posted to your main bill.

Q. Are Travelers Cheques accepted?
A. Sorry, Travellers Cheques are not accepted anywhere in the Maldives.

Q. What is the weather like?
A. The Maldives enjoys a warm, tropical climate cooled by a refreshing tropical breeze throughout the year. The average air temperature is 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) and hardly changes. The average water temperature is 29 degrees Celsius (84 degrees Fahrenheit). There can be some infrequent light rain from May to November. Rain lasting more than an hour or two is rare so don’t forget to always use sunscreen.

Q. Do I need a visa to visit the Maldives?
A. Generally not as most nationalities would have a visa on arrival. You would however need to possess all you holiday related documents ready at the immigration.

Q. Are there any luggage restrictions?
A. Maximum checked in luggage is 20 kilos per person: in extraordinary circumstances, luggage may be transported by boat or by a later flight. All other policies and procedures as per airline regulations.

Q. When and how are the seaplane transfers operated?
A. Kuredu provides chartered seaplane transfers via Trans Maldivian Airways (TMA), between Malé Ibrahim Nasir International Airport and Kuredu. The operated hours are from 0600 and 1600 hrs, local time. Transfers are arranged according to the international flight details reported to the resort during the reservations process. For international departure flights in the late evening or at night time, you will be transferred by the latest possible flight departing from the resort. The time would vary each day depending on that day’s arrival and departure schedules which is usually between 1300 hrs and latest 1600 hrs, local time. It is therefore advised for the guests to book a day use room in Malé or venture out on a Malé city excursion. Our island host can render all possible assistance.

Q. Is there a satellite TV in the room?
A. Yes, we have TV in the Premium Beach Bungalow and higher categories.

Q. Is there a safe in the room or reception?
A. Yes all guest accommodations have an electronic safe at no cost.

Q. Do you have mosquito nets in the room?
A. Except Garden Bungalows and ‘O’ Beach Villas, we have mosquito nets in all other accommodation categories.

Q. Can I choose a specific room number or an area prior to arrival?
A. Yes! It is possible, however we would not be able to guarantee in advance as the room allocation would be finalised one day prior to the arrival date subject to the available room numbers in the booked room category. Please make a remark while booking with your desired room number from the booked room category. We will always try our best to honour your requests.

Q. Can anyone use the Sangu Infinity Pool?
A. Sangu Water Villa, Sangu Jacuzzi Beach Villa, Private Pool Villa & Sangu Water Villa Honeymoon Suite booked guests can use the Sangu Infinity Pool. Please note that Sangu facilities are exclusive for guests above 18 years only.

Q. What about cell phone coverage, is it possible to use European GSM phones in the Maldives generally and specifically in Kuredu?
A. Most European GSM phones work in the Maldives and hence at Kuredu too. Kindly visit and for details.

Q. Please advise if you are having any special meals or events for Christmas and New Year?
A. Yes, on both Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve we have gala dinners. Our team members will also present special evening entertainment events for these occasions.

Q.Could you please advise the effect of Ramadan on the guests’ holiday, for example the availability of alcohol?
A. Ramadan has very little effect on our guests’ holiday. There would be no changes whatsoever, except that the dinner will begin half an hour late to accommodate prayer timings

Q. Do I need aqua shoes?
A. It would be advisable to have aqua shoes, though a large portion of our resort does not require. However, having retained the island in its natural tropical beauty, there are certain areas where the sand covering over the corals could be thin due to wave and current movements.

Q. We are a couple, would there be someone who could take our pictures for us?
A. Yes, PIX Maldives is an organisation located in the Akiri Shop who provide world-class professional service in still photography.

Q. What is the resort’s drone policy?
A. Guests are welcome to bring drone cameras, however to ensure the privacy and safety of the resort’s guests, a n notice about the use of such devices must be to the General Manager or Resident Manager. Users are required to sign a release form and adhere to established no-fly zones. Drones are only permitted at the main jetty and over the house reef but not on the island itself. Guests are also welcome to book the Dream Island excursion and take beautiful aerial footage there.