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Let the games begin!

Let the games begin!

31 Dec 2014
Kuredu Gladiators 2015

Last night, we organized another great event – the Gladiators’ show!

Those of you who have seen it before or read about it, will know this is Kuredu’s traditional charity event. A Caesar’s empire theme livened up the Babuna bar, where 8 gladiators were sitting on a wooden pool, holding their balance and fought with pillows.

Ceasar, together with his noble ladies, was sitting on the stage and making sure the rules of the fight were observed.

The final fight was won by Maximus who was auctioned out for 170$ for the fight against a guests, for a good cause.

It was a fun-filled evening and we sincerely thank everyone who took part and helped raise around $2700 for the local orphanage, which Kuredu has been supporting since its establishment.

Right. We now need to get ready for the New Year’s party – make sure you check the webcam every now and then to see what we’re up to!

Happy New Year!