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Message from the General Manager – December 2021

Message from the General Manager – December 2021

14 Dec 2021
Christmas at Kuredu Maldives

Dear Guests,

Greetings from the Maldives!

Kuredu has been a hive of activity over the last few weeks – we’ve not only welcomed lots of guests and helped them have wonderful holidays, we’ve also been busy behind the scenes, preparing for a festive season full of fun! We have put together a full program of celebrations so if you will be joining us, make sure you pack your party clothes and dancing shoes (well, you won’t actually need shoes, bare feet or flip flops will be just fine!).

Aside from partying and preparing for parties, island life at Kuredu has been punctuated with incredible encounters with the gentle giants of the ocean – manta rays, and many of our diving and snorkelling guests have had luck in swimming with them. Manta season continues into the spring so if you want to see them and will be spending the festive season here, write on your list for Santa – if you’ve been good, you may get what you ask for!

As we move further into high season, water sports become ever more popular and the eco-friendly options such as paddle boarding, and kayaking allow you to explore our extensive lagoons using just your own muscle power and core strength; the calories burned can easily be replaced with the many dining options available to you.

If you will be spending the festive season at home with friends and family, I wish you a very merry Christmas; if you’re currently packing those party clothes for a festive celebration at Kuredu, don’t forget to download our App to pre-book your events and I’ll see you soon!

With very best wishes,