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Challenge the golf team!

Challenge the golf team!

21 May 2015
Kuredu Maldives Golf Club

You could say that Aiwan, Monty and Seve know the golf course at Kuredu quite well. Between them they have notched up a staggering 130 holes in one! More acurate than a sniper with a golf club, this deadly trio are Kuredu Golf Club’s very own Golf Attendants.

With 29 years of employment at Kuredu between the three of them, its hard to imagine that before stepping foot on the sandy shores of Kuredu, they had never even picked up a golf club.

With golf pro Jody becoming slightly nervous at the rising stars on the course, the challenge has been laid down to any guest that is brave enough to ‘Take on the Attendants’ these coming summer months. Before you think you’re man enough for the task, we would just like to drop in the fact that Monty holds the record of 50 hole in one’s on Kuredu.