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Chef’s Herb Garden Reopens at Kuredu

Chef’s Herb Garden Reopens at Kuredu

28 Jan 2016
Herb Garden - Kuredu Resort

Just about every dish tastes better with fresh herbs. In order for you to enjoy the flavours that organic, homegrown herbs add to Kuredu’s restaurants’ culinary delights, we’ve renovated the herb garden outside Franco’s.

The Greenhouse team have started to re-grow the following herbs and veggies: chives, tarragon, purple basil, Italian basil, Thai basil, oregano, dill, rocket lettuce, coriander, rosemary, peppermint, lemongrass, ginger, spring onions and lemongrass.

No real chef should cook without their own herb garden, and Executive Chef Paul and his team are pleased to be able to give you a spot-on culinary experience, from seed to plate. What’s more, the herb garden is another means of self-sustainability, decreasing the need to have produce shipped in. Kuredu also has a greenhouse, growing bananas, bell pepper, chili, spinach and many other types of fruit and vegetable, making your food choices responsible.

If you’d like to get to know more of the nuts and bolts of Kuredu and get an insight into how our island metropolis works, sign up for the interesting back of the house tour.