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Kuredu’s Incredible House Reef

Kuredu’s Incredible House Reef

04 May 2020

Whether you are a snorkeller or a diver, either experienced or total beginner, Kuredu Resort Maldives has a lot to offer – thanks to the island’s house reef, ocean discovery is just a few steps away. Kuredu’s house reef is easily accessible from the jetty and very impressive with an abundance of marine life – jump into the warm waters of the Maldives to experience the magic that lies beneath the surface…

Tiny, colourful nudibranchs and flamboyant mantis shrimps hide amongst the corals, schools of colourful reef fish move past hiding moray eels and resting stingrays. If you’re lucky, you may even spot cruising eagle rays and reef sharks swimming along the edge of the reef. The house reef is also home to a shipwreck which is a magnet to marine life, a big napoleon wrasse and a resident school of bat fish among many other species are seen here. See if you can spot the magnificent octopus, one of nature’s more curious creatures – did you know that octopus change the colour and texture of their skin to camouflage themselves into their environment? Their skin colouration also reflects their mood. They are usually brown, but turn white when afraid, and red when angry.

When snorkelling, always go in pairs and always wear fins – they make swimming in a current much easier. The snorkel team at Prodivers, the island’s dive center, will be very happy to take you for a guided house reef tour should you prefer to go with an expert. If you’d prefer to stay in shallower water, closer to shore, there’s still plenty to see – the seagrass meadows are a favourite feeding ground for many turtles and good photos are only a snorkel adventure away! Please remember these are protected animals and you should always respect their space, and never, ever touch them.

House reef diving is really easy to arrange with Prodivers too, and if you don’t have a buddy they can help you find one. If you’re a certified diver and it’s your first time diving on Kuredu, your orientation dive will also take place on the house reef; furthermore, the second dive of the Discover Scuba Diving program will also be on the house reef, so even non-certified divers have a chance to experience it from below the surface.