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Join the Padel Craze at Kuredu

Join the Padel Craze at Kuredu

24 Jul 2022

The fastest growing racket sport in the world, Padel Tennis is fun, easy to learn, can be played by anyone willing to have a go and is available at Kuredu Resort Maldives.

The small size of the court and the basic equipment make padel tennis a great sport for everyone; it allows you to practise your reflexes, it can help hone your tennis skills and, most importantly, it’s an activity and a workout the whole family can enjoy together. Kuredu’s padel coach is on hand for instruction and you can get the hang of the basics pretty quickly on our three courts. A sense of humour is required so don’t take things too seriously – the ball can come from angles you least expect thanks to the solid walls of the court that are used for rebounding the ball. Apart from fun and fitness, you’ll have the added bonus of working up an appetite and burning a few extra calories ready for the sumptuous buffet in the evening!

Book Padel Tennis with Kuredu’s App or online with

Padel Tennis Introduction for Adults or Kids – If you’re thinking of playing for the very first time, our padel tennis introduction session can help. This short session will allow you grasp the basics of the game with our instructor. Free of charge for All Inclusive guests.

Panoramic Padel Tennis – 90 minutes – Kuredu’s new glass courts allow you to enjoy the stunning views around the island whilst you play. This is a chargeable activity.

Padel Tennis – 60 minutes – Book the court and have some fun – free for All Inclusive Guests.