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Kuredu Celebrities: Longest-Serving Team Members

Kuredu Celebrities: Longest-Serving Team Members

23 Jul 2018
Kuredu Resort Maldives longest-serving team members

Kuredu is one of the Maldives’ most renowned resorts, characterised by an alluring assortment of adventures to be had. But do you know what its strong suit it? What is the very core of Kuredu’s ‘success’ equation? No prizes for guessing, it is the team! As Kuredu celebrates its pearl anniversary this year, it is only appropriate to give big credit to our longest-serving team members.

The below gentlemen, each with roughly 30 years of total service, have grown professionally and personally alongside Kuredu and their contribution to making the resort what it is today is big. You may have had the pleasure to meet some of them, while the rest work behind the scenes though play an equal part in ensuring Kuredu continues to be a resort you want to visit again and again.

In the photograph from left to right:

Ali Hassan, Restaurants
Marasinghehe Anurasiri, Groundskeeping
Ibrahim Sobir, Accounting
Rofiqul Islam, Employee Caffeteria
Abdulla Ramdan Adam, Maintenance
Ayub Ali, Kitchen
Ibrahim Aboobakuru, Guest transport
Mohamed Ismail Zahir Hussain, Kitchen