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Kuredu Celebrities: J.A Sarath Kumara

Kuredu Celebrities: J.A Sarath Kumara

18 Aug 2017
Kuredu Sarath

A new month, a new team member we’re crowning a Kuredu Celebrity. J.A Sarath Kumara, more commonly known as Sarath, is friends with many of Kuredu’s guests, having been working at the resort for already 15 years. And since friends don’t let friends go thirsty, Sarath – in his Bar Manager position – makes sure that Kuredu’s 7 bars are pleasant, well-stocked venues, where guests are as bubbly as their drinks.

Sarath, whose favourite entertainment events are the White Night Party and Maldivian Show, is an advocate of healthy lifestyle, and your go-to person for advice on which cocktail to try out next: ‘You can never go wrong with having another Kuredu Cooler!’.

What Sarath, who is originally from Sri Lanka, finds incredible compared to other resorts are close friendship ties, team facilities, and supportive management and owners.

Kuredu is my second home, and the friendships I’ve made here, both with my colleagues and guests, mean a lot to me. If my duties allow it, I like to be at Sai Kotari at sunset to admire also the island’s natural beauty.’

You can only imagine how many stories one can tell after 15 years on the island: ‘There are so many internal jokes we have with guests – they think we forget about these because we talk to so many every day, but guests also make our days interesting and memorable. I was once approached by a group of snorkellers who were worried about reef sharks in the lagoon. I resorted to my ‘don’t worry’ mantra and told them the resident dentist pulled out their teeth. They’ve been avid snorkellers since and keep returning to the resort even though I tricked them into having a good time!’

Kuredu is pleased to have you on the team, Sarath!