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Kuredu Celebrities: Vinod Kumar

Kuredu Celebrities: Vinod Kumar

20 Jul 2016
Kuredu Maldives Staff

Several of Kuredu’s team members have been living and breathing with this place for many, many years, and deserve a special mention. We’re hereby starting the ‘Kuredu Celebrities’ series, so you get to learn a bit more about the people whose dedication, character and good will make the resort a truly special place for you and us.

First off, Mister Vinod Kumar!

Vinod, better known as Vini, joined Kuredu in 2002 as Security Officer, and with his foot in the (proverbial Kuredu) door, he soon humbly expressed his willingness to go up the ladder. Based on his knowledge, skills and overall competence, Vini soon became a Receptionist and later Air Transfer Coordinator, General Cashier, Front Office Supervisor, Senior Front Office Supervisor, Assistant Front Office Manager, and Front Office Manager, which is his current position. The modest, down-to-earth Indian is Kuredu’s valuable team member, and although he told us he didn’t remember when he received the Supervisor of the Month recognitions, his colleagues believe he deserves one each month!

When Vinod is not busy managing the Front Office, you can see him at the badminton court defeating his opponents with perfect smashes, or playing cricket. Each year, Vini also helps out with organizing the ‘Kuredu’s Got Talent’ show, and we hope we get to see him on the stage one day as well.

And things that make him happy on Kuredu? Vini answered: 1) The fact that I can be myself, 2) I get to learn more about the various cultures that mix here, 3) Having so many good friends, 4) With the supportive management and team, Kuredu really feels like a caring family, it brings out the best in me.

Vini, let’s say you were a guests and only had 24h on Kuredu. How would you spend your day?

“I would stay at the Sangu Honeymoon Suite as it has the perfect harmonious view, allowing me to enjoy the golden sunset while lying in my cozy sunbed drinking my fresh chilled and sweet Kurumba juice. I would also join night fishing with barbecue. I’m a big fan of fresh seafood! If I ever get sent to an uninhabited island, I’m definitely taking fishing equipment! In the evening, I would visit the ‘O’ Bar to have a shot of dark rum and a crunchy nut mix.’

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