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Kuredu Hack: Extra Bed Promotion

Kuredu Hack: Extra Bed Promotion

17 Oct 2019
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Be it rolling your clothes instead of folding them, browsing for the best flight rates in a new incognito window, learning how to beat jet lag to make the most of your well-deserved holiday (find our top 7 tips here), everyone loves a good travel hack! If you’re new to Kuredu, allow us to introduce you to another hack/money-saving tip: check in regularly to our special offers page, where you can also find the highly popular extra bed promotion.

All of Kuredu’s room categories can accommodate one extra bed, and the addition will cost you a fraction of the price you would otherwise pay for a second room. Be it a family of 3 or a group of friends, this is a fantastic trick you can use to score a fabulous price of your room at Kuredu.

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