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Kuredu Snorkelling Tips

Kuredu Snorkelling Tips

22 Sep 2017
Kuredu Resort Maldives snorkelling

There is no denying that the amazing marine life is one of the Maldives’ biggest attractions. The following tips are designed to provide you with all the information you need about where to go, what you can expect to see and how to make your snorkelling adventure safe.

3 suggestions to keep you safe in the water:

• Never snorkel alone. Always have someone with you just in case you need help, plus they will be able to back you up when you get back to shore and tell everyone just how big the turtle you saw was!

• Make sure all of your equipment fits, and is comfortable, before moving out of your depth. It is a lot easier to fix a problem where you can stand up than it is in deep water.

• Watch the sky. Weather can move quickly in the Maldives, so it’s important to be aware of your surroundings.

When you have someone to go with, where should you go? Here are our top 4 locations around the island:

Lagoon area in front of the main pool: This is Kuredu’s best place to snorkel with turtles. With over 90 green sea turtles known to live around Kuredu, you can often come face to face with these beautiful creatures just minutes after entering the water.

The old pipe: Located between the seagrass beds on the south side of the island, this old pipe runs out from the beach and has become an artificial reef, providing shelter for big schools of colourful snappers, parrotfish, surgeon fish and the occasional puffer fish. With a maximum depth of 2.5m, it’s the perfect place for those who want to stay where they can see the bottom.

The nursery, a.k.a. shark and ray kindergarten: The shallow lagoon area on the north side provides shelter for lots of baby sharks and rays; whilst it may be too shallow to snorkel there, it is a great place to paddle and stick your head under to get a fish’s eye view of the world.

House reef: Best accessed from the jetty, the house reef can be found at the edge of the lagoon on the south side. With the reef dropping away, and potentially stronger currents, we recommend only those comfortable in the water go here, or joining one of Prodivers guided house reef snorkel tours. You will be rewarded with large schools of colourful fusiliers, anthias, snappers and bat fish – and our own ship wreck! To make the most of snorkelling on the house reef, why not try Prodivers’ freediving course, where you can learn how dive down and explore the reef up close.

To find out more information on snorkelling around Kuredu, and the various guided snorkel trips on offer we highly recommend joining one of Prodivers free introduction to snorkelling sessions, where they cover all of this and more.

Kuredu Resort Maldives snorkelling