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The Sound of the Maldives: Bodu Beru

The Sound of the Maldives: Bodu Beru

15 Sep 2015
Kuredu 25 Years

While the Maldives is all about spending a sumptuous, well-deserved holiday at your own pace at one of the take-me-there-now resorts, let’s not leave our interest in the local environment at home.

One of the best ways for you to experience the best of both worlds is to attend the Maldivian Night where you can see and hear the pristine side of the Maldives.

Our show’s favourite?

The Bodu Beru!

Literally meaning ‘big drums’ in Dhivehi, the Bodu Beru is a reminder of the Maldives’ multiethnical influences with strong roots from East Africa. The traditional music has survived modern influences, and is widely being played across the Maldives’ local islands and resorts by experienced drummers, many of which we are proud to have on Kuredu, too.

The Bodu Beru is the welcoming sound at the main reception upon your arrival as we believe it takes you straight into holiday mood, encourages you to take your shoes off and dance to the tunes, and likewise importantly, remind you that a big part of the Maldives are also its welcoming people!