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Plugging into the sun: New solar panels at your favourite Maldives eco-resort

Plugging into the sun: New solar panels at your favourite Maldives eco-resort

25 Nov 2014
Kuredu Resort & Spa, Maldives

There is always something new happening under the sun at Kuredu Resort & Spa. Those of you currently on the island have probably been wondering on the contents of the large containers on the jetty.

From the in-house production of drinking water and the bottling thereof, our eco-friendly housekeeping undertakings, to sustainable seafood choices, Kuredu has been known to have many bright ideas as to how we can contribute our share to preserving the stunning natural environment the Maldives is endowed with.

Located only 5 degrees north of the Equator, Kuredu receives plenty of sun throughout the year and not tapping into this vast potential of renewable energy would be a chance missed.

That said, we are glad to be able to announce that we are adding more solar power to the island’s energy mix.

Over the last few days, we have been getting deliveries of a substantial amount of sophisticated high-performance solar panels to be installed in the staff area. We have estimated that by installing these panels to the roofs in the Team Village, we might reduce the use of fossil fuels by approximately 30-35%.

The solar panels have an automatic cleaning system to ensure a high and even performance, and if they prove to be as efficient as we are hoping, we may be plugging into the clean energy from the sun to even a greater extent in the future.

When making your holiday choices, is a resort’s eco-consciousness important to you? Let us know how you find Kuredu’s latest green efforts!