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Best Photo Opportunities around Kuredu Maldives

Best Photo Opportunities around Kuredu Maldives

03 Jul 2020

After all the planning and dreaming, once your holiday to Kuredu Maldives is upon you you will want to savour every single moment and capture those instagram-worthy shots to preserve your memories for many years to come….and to create just a tiny bit of envy amongst your friends at home!

Make sure your camera is ready, here are our favourite places to take photographs:

From the seaplane window – make sure you are sitting by the window with your camera in hand, those iconic Maldives views will leave you speechless, this is an occasion where reality surpasses the travel brochure pictures.

Sandbank – the long spit of sand, lapped by the ocean on both sides, stretches out amongst the countless hues of blue, it’s also the direction of the sunset so grab yourself a drink and snap away – this will easily become your most popular post. An overwater swing and a giant picture frame provide the perfect props for your artistic flair.

Water Villa Jetty – Take a stroll along the boarded walkways and striking images await, especially if your loved one is willing to be the model, wandering ahead, barefoot and carefree…

Your terrace – framed by lush vegetation, the view of the ocean from your villa terrace will show just how idyllic your stay was. Right on the beach, just a few steps from the ocean – what more is needed?

Boats at the jetty – the dhonis (traditional Maldivian boats) moored to the side of the jetty are very photogenic against a sunset or a bright blue sky. Take an excursion on one of these if you want to have a go at photographing dolphins!

Pools – with three swimming pools plus kids splash pool, there is ample opportunity to get a great reflection shot, especially if you venture out for sunrise, before the rest of Kuredu awakes.

Restaurants – the sumptuous buffets and intricate displays of food are definitely worthy of a photo – our chefs who are show cooking might even pose for an action shot. Treat yourselves to a teppanyaki experience and let your camera enjoy the show!

Kuredu proves that a picture really is worth a thousand words! Take a look at our Guest Gallery showcasing some of the pictures our guests have taken to see what’s in store for the paparazzi amongst you and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram too, using #kuredu.

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