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Woo your love in the Maldives: Top romantic things to do

Woo your love in the Maldives: Top romantic things to do

12 Feb 2015
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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and if you have treated yourself to a romantic holiday at Kuredu Resort & Spa, Maldives, you are more than halfway to (re)winning your significant other’s love.

There is nothing quite like spending the lovers’ day at what is deemed the world’s ultimate honeymoon and romance destination. Here, at a place that is inarguably tailored for your long-wished-for heartwarming retreat, romantic activities are virtually endless.

In honour of Valentine’s Day, we have rounded up a list of suggestions that will surely let you steal many kisses – on the 14th, throughout your stay at Kuredu, and up until you’re back for your next visit.

Would you like to prove your devotion, but words don’t come easy? Don’t worry, pick a few of our suggestions for dream come true moments, and the island will say it for you!

1. Canoeing for two

Take in stunning sights of Kuredu from the lagoon and soak in the sun, love and the charming surroundings.

2. Early morning walk

What a sight to wake up to, Kuredu! See the island in all its glory and enjoy the sunrise colours that await the early risers.

3. Dream Island experiences

There’s simply not a more amorous way to woo your loved one than spending time on a private sandbank. Just like your daydreaming paradise!

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Jacuzzi indulgence
4. Jacuzzi Indulgence

A spoiling indulgence in the privacy of your villa that will surely deepen your love!

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Sangu pool dinner
5. Wine and dine at Kuredu’s beautifully lit infinity pool

Makes you wish the evening lasted infinitely…

6. May memories of your romantic holiday retreat never fade!

To keep them fresh long after the tan’s faded, treat yourself to a picture-perfect souvenir, a beach photo shoot.

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Sai Kotari
7. Quiet, ocean-view drinks at Sai Kotari

On your evening stroll, walk down the jetty and experience how the peacefulness gets disturbed by the splashing of jack fish and oohs and aahs that baby eagle rays and nurse sharks get when swimming past.

Moonlight Cruise
8. Moonlight Cruise

Travel a moonlight mile across the Indian Ocean and set your emotions ablaze with a glass of champagne, followed by a simple dinner. A romantic evening to remember…

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9. Give diving a try!

Being in love is all about collecting those special moments, which will make inspiring stories for years to come. Who wouldn’t want to hold hands underwater and take on an activity that no Maldives’ holiday is complete without?

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Sandbank Sunset
10. Sunset gazing at Kuredu’s powdery sandbank

Nature’s stunning goodnight kiss will leave you breathless.

11. Exchange your vows in paradise

May the sun always shine upon you two. The true Maldives dream coming true for you…

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Boat trips
12. Explore beyond the resort

If passing by palm-fringed islands and turquoise lagoons doesn’t convince you, then possible dolphin and manta ray performances might! Tick off some of your wish list items to make room for new ones-you may get lucky before you know it!

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13. Lazy afternoon drinks on your villa terrace

Sip on refreshing bubbly delights and perfect the skill of doing nothing.

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14. Couples’ Spa Treatments

Candlelit room, aromas of essential oils… only the beginning of a complete relaxation at Duniye Spa.

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15. Pull off your own version of a romantic proposal.

If not on Kuredu, then where??