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In the Maldives, what’s better than sipping cocktails by the pool?

In the Maldives, what’s better than sipping cocktails by the pool?

22 Dec 2014
Maldives resorts water sport

The tropical, crystal clear waters of the Maldives, combined with the country’s palm-lined beaches and sunny climate, attract visitors from around the world, longing to fulfill a life-long dream to vacation in paradise. Most days will be spent relaxing on the beach or by the pool, cocktails in hand, as the stress of modern day life dissolves into a distant memory.

For many guests, however, the lure of the ocean and the need to remain active will be too strong, and a trip to the water sports centre is inevitable. Most Maldives resorts offer activities such as wakeboarding, parasailing and funtubes, but it is the wind-driven sports that attract the most attention, as the tropical conditions are ideal, not to mention the beautiful lagoons in which to play.

You can choose between a relaxed windsurf lesson, an informative sailing instruction, or an adrenalin-driven kiteboarding course. Each of the activities has its own allure, so the choice might be an easy one, but once the decision is made, the experience will be greatly determined by one factor…

The instructor!

As a guest, you have the right to receive quality and safety-oriented instruction, and should not have to settle for anything less. The Maldives is a relatively isolated nation, so certifying instructors and ensuring a high standard of service has led to a collaboration involving Kuredu Resort & Spa, MSTS and VDWS International, which hosts the annual instructor courses at our resort. MSTS boasts a multinational team of instructors from the Maldives, Poland and South Africa. Between our five instructors, we have a total of fifteen certified instructor licenses, ten of which were obtained while working on Kuredu.

Each year, our team hosts the VDWS International instructor courses, and welcome a new batch of eager-to-learn locals, who have decided to make water sports their career. To ensure that Kuredu maintains its high levels of service and instruction, the Kuredu team will acquire additional licenses, or complete license renewal and update certifications. Courses take place over four weeks, and candidates are certified once successfully completing practical and theoretical examinations, all under the guidance of a VDWS International Course Director, flown in from Germany. Many arrive as candidates, and leave as friends…

Maldives resorts water sport

Kuredu makes accommodation available at special rates during this time for candidates, and will fly them in from the capital at reduced seaplane fares. The course director is accommodated by the resort on a complimentary basis. MSTS will host the courses, and will make equipment available to candidates, as well as negotiate the terms between VDWS International, including flights. Without the cooperation of the above mentioned parties, these courses would not be possible.

MSTS has a proud history of offering instruction at the highest level, with an emphasis on safety. The instructors are able to teach the various water sports, as well as certify guests who wish to continue their activities once they arrive back home. In-depth lessons, both on the water, and in the classroom, will ensure that guests have the necessary skills and knowledge to complete and pass the practical and theory tests as laid out in VDWS International Guidelines. Certified guests are logged into the VDWS International website, and licenses are issued on-site. All manuals are made available during courses and are issued in either English or German languages.

Sure, drinking cocktails by the pool is a great way to spend a holiday. But here’s the insider’s tip: cocktails taste even better after a day of sailing, windsurfing or kiteboarding.

At a high-caliber resort like Kuredu, it goes without saying that your water sports lessons will be led by highly trained and certified instructors, making sure that your long-awaited experience of the Indian Ocean will not dissolve into a distant memory any time soon…

Happy sailing & a merry festive season from everyone at Kuredu MSTS!