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Kuredu’s Manta Ray Season is On!

Kuredu’s Manta Ray Season is On!

25 Oct 2017
Kuredu Resort Maldives manta rays

Swimming with manta rays is on many people’s must-do list when they visit Kuredu Resort in the Maldives, and with the recent sightings we have been having at nearby marine protected area Fushivaru, we are delighted to announce that our ‘high manta season’ has started.

Usually running from mid-October through to March or April, this time of the year can provide the most frequent manta ray encounters.

With the recent sightings occurring at a well-known cleaning station – an area of reef where manta rays go to be cleaned by smaller fish – this is the perfect time for divers to enjoy watching these graceful giants gliding above their heads over the coral blocks.

If you want to find out more information about diving with manta rays, contact our dive team below.

Since you’re here, you must also be interested in sustainable tourism. Visit, an initiative by our friends at the Manta Trust, to learn how your manta excursions can be both memorable and respectful to these gracious animals.