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Manta Season Has Started

Manta Season Has Started

24 Oct 2015

It’s with great excitement that we announce this year’s Manta Ray season has officially kicked off!

Manta Rays are one of Kuredu’s biggest attractions. These graceful giants are one of the world’s largest fish, and absolutely mesmerising to see swimming in the wild in the warm tropical waters around our island.

Attracted by the large amounts of plankton (small marine organisms) that are brought in each year by the monsoon winds, the incredible Manta Rays are often found close to the surface, allowing both divers and snorkelers to see them up close and personal.

November sees the start of Kuredu’s main Manta Ray season, and we are hoping for some great sightings over the next few months that will allow you to experience the joy of snorkelling or diving with them, and allow Prodivers to continue their valuable research they do together with the Manta Trust.

The first few weeks of the season are always the most exciting, as not only do we often see the largest numbers of Manta Rays, but we also get to see many pregnant females and new juveniles.
Although there are areas known as Manta hot spots (Fushivaru aka. Manta Cleaning Station, Danifaru and Dream island), each year with changing currents, wind directions and new resorts, the location and behaviour of the rays change, making it a challenge for us to monitor them—but that’s all part of the fun.

So if you are going to be visiting Kuredu in the next few months, ask us about our Manta search boats and hop on one for an experience hard to surpass. To get you in the mood, visit the Video Gallery for some incredible Manta Ray footage filmed around the Lhaviyani Atoll.