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The Best Time to Snorkel with the Maldives’ Manta Rays

The Best Time to Snorkel with the Maldives’ Manta Rays

16 Feb 2016
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February and March are one of the best months to see the majestic Manta Rays around Kuredu. The calm, flat seas and incredible visibility attract snorkellers to try their luck at seeing these majestic creatures eye to eye. A few days ago, the Prodivers team and their guests had Manta sightings at 7 different locations (Sandbank, Hassan Giri, Felivaru, Madivaru, Naifaru, Danifaru and Kanifushi) and saw 15 individuals throughout the day, including juveniles, adult males and pregnant females. Between Prodivers and MSTS guests, there have been Manta sightings every day but one in the last three weeks, which is just incredible!

Manta Rays can be found all along the western side of the atoll, feeding in bays and deep lagoons off the islands. Attracted by the large amounts of plankton (small marine organisms), every year hundreds of Mantas visit the warm waters around Kuredu. So far, well over 300 different individuals have been identified by the Prodivers team.

Watching Manta Rays can be described as a dance, as some of nature’s most elegant creatures glide around you in the water, twisting and turning with the currents, providing a truly mesmerising spectacle. Every year, Manta interactions top the lists of our guests’ holiday highlights, and those who have been fortunate to witness these displays will understand why.

For your chance to see these creatures for yourself, make sure you join one of Prodivers’ full day snorkel trips. For those unsure about leaving the paradise island for the whole day, try your luck with the Reef Safari tour (lasts just 2.5 hours) and see if the beauties will make an appearance.

If you want to learn more about the incredible rays and research that Prodivers is part of, ask the Prodivers team about the Manta course available for both divers and snorkelers. During the course, you will get to know these gentle giants in more detail, making you appreciate your next encounter even more.