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Marine Life Highlights of 2019

Marine Life Highlights of 2019

30 Dec 2019

The Maldives is a world-renowned snorkelling and scuba diving hotspot so it comes as no great surprise that, around Kuredu, there is an abundance of marine life for guests to discover. The warm clear water, large shallow lagoon, incredible house reef, resident Marine Biologist, large community of green sea turtles plus one of the largest dive centers in the Maldives, all combine to make Kuredu a great choice for anyone wanting amazing underwater encounters.

Each and every day of 2019 has showcased an incredible array of life below the surface, here are just some of the highlights:

Scuba Diving

There have been sharks galore including leopard sharks, a hammerhead, juvenile tiger shark and the biggest fish in the sea – whale sharks, as well as the usual suspects of grey reef sharks, silver tips and nurse sharks! Dolphins are regulars, accompanying the boats around the atoll from time to time – always a treat; we’ve also seen pilot whales. The graceful manta rays put in plenty of appearances as did the squadrons of eagle rays and sand-loving stingrays, there was even love on the house reef with mating octopi. Although an everyday occurence, our beloved resident turtles are always a highlight!


The rare and very strange looking guitarfish surprised snorkellers as did the baby octopus that attached itself to the guide’s mask during one of the excursions! Mobulas flew past and mantas put on incredible displays as they fed on the plankton-rich water. Sharks, black-tip and lemon, have been spotted at a number of the reefs – totally harmless and fascinating to observe. Just like the divers, snorkellers have been lucky with whale shark sightings this year too. The lagoon and caves were hotspots for turtle sightings and many excursions enjoyed the company of playful dolphins, not only from the boat but also in the water. It’s not all about the big stuff though – the myriad of colourful reef fish, such as the thousands of bannerfish at Aquarium are a spectacular sight.

It’s not just snorkellers and divers who can see the marine life around Kuredu, take a stroll along the beach – in the shallows you will spot baby sharks practising their hunting skills on the huge shoals of bait-fish and many baby rays – the nursery-like conditions are a great place when you’re only small! Join any of the excursions involving cruising around by boat and you’re likely to spot playful dolphins – a highlight you won’t want to miss. For an epic lunch or dinner book a table at Hurawalhi’s 5.8 Undersea Restaurant and you can admire the marine life while you dine.

These, as well as all other activities can be booked directly through the Kuredu App (available on the App Store and Google Play) or through its the desktop version You can start building your itinerary as soon as you’re booking for the resort is confirmed.

If it’s your friends or family holidaying at Kuredu and you’re kind enough to send them a little gift to make their stay even more special, Kuredu Gifts will be of great help to do that as it allows you to purchase value vouchers that are credited towards guests’ final bill. As simple as that!