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Get Your Kuredu Holiday off to the Best Start by Checking in With Our App

Get Your Kuredu Holiday off to the Best Start by Checking in With Our App

10 Jul 2022

Don’t waste even a moment of your holiday at Kuredu

Make the most of every minute of your stay at Kuredu Resort Maldives by downloading our mobile Kuredu App as soon as you’ve booked, or before if you simply can’t hold the excitement in! You can browse all the incredible things there are to do during your holiday and even pre-book your adventures as soon as you have a confirmed reservation. Our online checkin facility lets you bypass a reception desk check-in and step straight into your holiday with all the resort information available at your fingertips. The resort team are, of course, always very happy to help and chat with you should you have any questions or need any advice.

The Kuredu App, is available for download on the App Store and Google Play, just follow the 4 steps below to get started.

1. Download the app.
You can download the app using the links below, or by searching for Kuredu Maldives in your app store or view online



2. Check-in
Once installed on your phone you will be able to use your booking details to log into your own personal app experience. This will not only allow you to start planning your itinerary and experiences but also allow you to check-in before you travel, saving you time at the resort. Simply go to the Check-in Screen, accessed from the menu, and enter the details requested.

3. Start planning
With all of the experiences and excursions on offer at Kuredu available through the app, you can start planning your dream holiday from the moment you book. From diving and spa treatments to romantic dinners and snorkelling adventures; set out your perfect itinerary so you don’t miss out on any of what Kuredu has to offer – in the ‘must-do’ section, you’ll find Book all the adventures you have been dreaming of – and even some you’d never have even thought of!

4. Enhance Your Stay
Arrive on the island and start taking advantage of everything Kuredu has to offer from the first minute. You can continue to use your app whilst on the island to change and update your plans, but by planning before you arrive you don’t need to waste a second of your holiday on deciding what to do next, instead, you can jump straight into the Maldivian vibe and enjoy your well-deserved holiday to the full.