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5 Excursions You Should Put on Your Kuredu Must-Do List

5 Excursions You Should Put on Your Kuredu Must-Do List

24 Jul 2017

Kuredu is a fantastic island to spend your holiday on, however to fully appreciate the beauty of the Maldives, hopping on a boat to experience the surroundings is almost a must. The resort offers a wide range of excursions that will enable you to really make the most of your time; with so much to choose from, here is a rundown of the currently most popular trips that showcase the Maldives at its best:

Kuredu’s 5 most popular excursions:

Snorkelling Excursions

With over 99% of the country located underwater, if you don’t choose to get your head wet, then you are missing out. The warm waters, colourful fish life and extensive coral reefs make the Maldives one of the world’s top snorkelling destinations. With the chance to see all of your favourites from Finding Nemo, the snorkelling team will take you to the best reefs in the atoll to get up close and personal with turtles, clown fish, colourful parrot fish and much much more.

Dolphin Safari

With large pods of spinner dolphins frequently seen patrolling around the island, you can even expect to see them whilst sipping cocktails at O or Pool Bar. However if you want to get close, then you’ll need to join the Dolphin Safaris. The speedboats used by the watersports center are a magnet for these playful creatures that love to surf in the bow waves. If you are lucky, you may even see some the rarer bottlenose dolphins, or even pilot whales as they move along the outreefs.

Dream Island

Ever wanted your own private island? With the Dream Island excursion, that’s just what you get! What you do there is up to you but we recommend that you enjoy the turquoise waters and white sand as you soak up the sun’s rays.

Fishing Trips

If you ask any of the local staff, they will tell you just how important fishing is to the Maldivian culture, which when you look around is perhaps not surprising (there really is a lot of water!). Kuredu offers traditional hand-line fishing, trips to deserted islands where you can try out your beach casting and the headline-grabbing Big Game Fishing, where you can test yourself against some of the ocean’s strongest fighters.

Luxury Sailing

One of the most popular excursions is the Luxury Sailing cruise. As we island hop, we keep you refreshed with fruit and drinks, and the rumour has it that Kuredu’s captains-turned-chefs cook the best fish and chicken! You’ll stop off to snorkel at some of the more remote parts of the atoll; during the season, manta rays make an appearance, and dolphin sightings are frequent throughout the year.

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