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Muna and Britt Sailing Boats Captains

Muna and Britt Sailing Boats Captains

10 Mar 2016
kuredu sailing

The popular sailing excursions that Kuredu offers are special in many ways: you get to admire the views of the emerald seascapes of the Atoll and that of the lush islands cutting through the stillness of the ocean, and have a wonderful time on board a wooden sailing yacht with the help of a crew that surely know the ropes! If you haven’t yet, trust us that it’s worth joining a sailing trip – even if only to meet these two gentlemen!

Captain of the Muna sailing boat, Ibrahim Aboobakuru, has been working at Kuredu since 1983, and Captain Ibrahim Ismail Fulhu who is charge of the Britt, has been a part of the Kuredu family since 1990. In other words, between them, the two Ibrahims have been living and breathing this place for 58 years! They saw the Resort come to life, witnessed it evolve, grow and change, and have been unselfishly sharing their backyard with all of us.

They will gladly tell you what they like about their offices most – just ask them! What is it that our guests like about their offices most? Besides the picture-perfect ocean, everyone absolutely adores the possibility of seeing dolphins put on a show, manta rays in season, snorkelling at the shallow and vivid coral reefs, the pleasant atmosphere on the boats, and last but not least, the delicious lunch prepared by the wonderful Muna and Britt crews. A day like no other, and Captains that many Resorts envy us!

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