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Kuredu’s Ultimate Last Minute Packing Checklist

Kuredu’s Ultimate Last Minute Packing Checklist

02 Mar 2021

The holiday you’ve been looking forward to is just around the corner and excitement levels are peaking! You’ll probably already have your swimwear and summer clothes organised but to get the most out of your holiday at Kuredu Resort Maldives we have the ultimate last-minute packing checklist to help with the final preparations.


Airline tickets, passport, identification cards, cash or credit/debit cards are the basics of travel paperwork but in these ‘Covid times‘ there are a couple of extras to remember:
– A negative PCR Test for COVID-19 conducted 96 hours prior to scheduled time of departure from first point of
embarkation en route to the Maldives.
– Complete you Online Health Declaration Form 24 hours prior to departure through the Maldives Immigration Portal.

Login, Check-in and Plan with the App:

– Download the Kuredu App for iphone or android
– Discover experiences, plan ahead and prepare your itinerary for the perfect holiday. Some activities, such as the complimentary photoshoot are very popular so pre-booking is recommended.
– Find out what’s happening this week by clicking HERE
– Check-in through the App for a seamless, paperless registration prior to arrival – once logged in to the App just hit the ‘check-in’ button and get that holiday feeling before you even leave home!


– You’ll need far less than you think at our barefoot tropical paradise, so pack light. Although your international flight may have higher allowances, the seaplane allowance for checked-in luggage is 20 kg while carry-on luggage is 5 kg per person, above which there will be an excess charge of US$5.00 per kg.
– Pack a change of clothes and a swimsuit in your hand luggage – sometimes your luggage may not arrive on the same seaplane as you so being prepared means you get to enjoy the beach as soon as you arrive.
– Remember something WHITE to wear for Friday’s White Party!