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Benefits and Joys of Paddle Boarding

Benefits and Joys of Paddle Boarding

17 Feb 2023

With more ocean than land, the Maldives is the perfect playground for anyone who loves the ocean and if you’ve never tried stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) before, Kuredu Resort Maldives is the perfect place to try. The island’s extensive lagoons, crystal clear and sparkling, are warm and inviting – great for the inevitable splashes as you master balancing for the first time!

Paddle boarding is quick and easy to master and is a great way to explore the areas above the seagrass meadows as well as sandy areas – all with a maximum depth of around 2 metres. Look out for sea turtles as they come to the surface for their next breath – Kuredu is home to the Maldives’ largest community of green sea turtles and you may even be lucky enough to spot them grazing on the seagrass below you amongst the colourful parrotfish.

When watching paddle boarders, you may be thinking how serene and graceful they look but what you don’t see is the fantastic workout they are getting! Paddle boarding is is a low impact workout that improves core strength and balance, it reduces stress levels and offers a great opportunity for meditation on the ocean too.

Paddle boats can be rented by the hour with optional instruction available too. Guests staying on the All-Inclusive Gold package may use the equipment free of charge for one hour each day. Log into the Kuredu App or visit to book paddle boarding and all the other experiences available at Kuredu.