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Pokemon Go on Kuredu

Pokemon Go on Kuredu

28 Jun 2017
Pokemon Go at Kuredu Maldives Resort

Gotta catch ’em all? Kuredu Maldives Resort can help. It’s not just people that seem to need a holiday, Pokemon seem to be attracted by the great climate and clear waters too, making Kuredu a fantastic place to catch some of those rare Pokemon.

Unsurprisingly, it is the water types that seem to have taken over the island, with Totodiles, Squirtles and Horseas found across the island. However it the less commonly seen giants such as fan favourite Blastoise, the super cute Manatine and the rare, but very powerful Feraligatr that, along with sightings of Lapras, Gyarados and Golduck, have made Kuredu into something of a Poke-fan’s dream.

In the center of the island you will find the island’s Poke-gym. This gives you the chance to battle against the other players on the island for the chance to take control of the whole area for you, and your team!

Many of the newly released Pokemon, such as Totodile, Octillery and Feraligatr seem to have made Kuredu their home, so it is a fantastic place to fill up your Pokedex, and show off to all your friends back home, as well as finding something a little different to help take control of the islands gym for your team.

Now before you, or your child (however old they maybe…) start to worry about running out of Pokeballs and potions, we also have two Poke-Stops on the island, meaning you’ll always have the supplies that you need to keep battling, although it may require you to keep scampering between the arrival platforms and the golf course to get them.

Of course we do recommend that you also go out and find some of the real wildlife on offer across the island and in the lagoons, and our Kids Club will have lots of activities to help keep our smaller guests entertained this summer.

For those worrying about the roaming fees you can pick up a local 4G sim from the island shop, which will provide full internet coverage across the island. They can also be used for checking in with your friends and family back home, to let them know what an amazing time you’re having.