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The engines that run Kuredu Resort & Spa: Behind the scenes of your favourite Maldives’ resort

The engines that run Kuredu Resort & Spa: Behind the scenes of your favourite Maldives’ resort

03 Nov 2014
Fikry Kuredu

With 756 team members from 15 countries, Kuredu Resort & Spa is like a small city. Only that it’s way nicer!

No real Kuredu fan should miss out a back of the house tour, a rather unusual tour we’ve been offering since last December when Kuredu celebrated its 25th anniversary.

The guided tour through Kuredu’s staff area (which we refer to as the Team Village) will reveal you heaps of interesting facts about the resort and allow you to meet the people behind the scenes of your beloved holiday destination.

You might think the Team Village would be a limited or packed downtown employee area, however, these beautiful facilities for the Kuredu Team are the reason for our happy guests. If you sleep well, eat well and enjoy your life on the island, it will show in your professional life as well. Happy staff = happy guests, and nothing is more contagious than a warm smile! After all, this is why you come for a holiday here, isn’t it?

An exciting hour of screening the entire operation of the island is time well spent and will get all your questions about Kuredu answered. Where does the food come from? How would the towels become so soft? Where does the electricity come from? And the fragrant mint and the fresh vegetables? Where do the employees sleep? If you have ever wondered about any of these questions, you should definitely join us and marvel at the smoothly running operation that makes Kuredu truly special.

Twice a week, Wednesdays and Fridays, the Island Host Team offers guided tours in both German and English. There is more to Kuredu than meets the eye, so why not join us and get some captions for your holiday photos to impress your friends with!

Before we see you here and you get to know the nuts and bolts of Kuredu, this is a short insights into our backstage:

Kuredu’s Team Village consist of 3 main storage rooms, 2 staff canteens, one main kitchen producing 4900 meals daily, 8 Diesel Cummins generators consuming 8500L per day, 333L consumption of freshwater per person per day, 3 large dryer machines, a laser carving machine, a waterfall pool, a water bottling plant and a lovely orchid garden teeming with delicate flowers and butterflies.