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Night Fishing

Fishing Ventures / Night Fishing – Maldivian Style

An adventure that will reel you in

Catch some nocturnal fish under the magical starlit Maldivian sky. Experience night fishing – Maldivian style, using hand lines and raw fish as bait. An art practised by the locals for generations, today attracting inquisitive travellers who wish to take part in the adventure themselves. An ideal family outing and a memorable evening, possibly bringing some delicious fish to your plate as well!

Fishing Ventures during Night Fishing

  • The island nation
    Fishing is a natural vocation in the Maldives, given that ninety-nine percent of the country is water. The Maldivians have a unique way to catch their daily fish. Using nets is forbidden to ensure there is no overfishing and by-catch. In order to keep the marine life in its abundance, the locals use only hand lines to pull in their catch. An art passed down from generation to generation to this day. Experience it first hand!
    The island nation
  • What's the catch?
    There is always a bit of luck involved in fishing! If the conditions are on your side, the experienced boat crew will help you catch some of the best reef fish of the Maldives: snapper, jack fish, grouper or even trevally.
    What's the catch?
  • From the ocean onto your plate
    You can reward yourself, if you have a good catch, by letting the Excursions Coordinator know the fish you would like to be cooked and served to your table for lunch or dinner the next day. It is at no cost if you would like to enjoy it at your allocated buffet restaurant, and at a small supplement if you would like to have it prepared at Kuredu's à la carte restaurants.
    From the ocean onto your plate